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Williamsburg, USA – An Appetizer

Ah, home sweet home. For the past few years, I’ve lived in beautiful and quaint Williamsburg, located on the southeastern belly of Virginia.

FACT We are the  proud and rowdy group of Virginians, not to be confused with the hipsters of New York.

LANDMARKS Williamsburg is home to the second oldest university in America, the College of William and Mary. Students here call themselves “TWAMPs”, short for “Typical William and Mary Person” who you can always count to sport a backpack twice the size of an actual person en route to Swem (the library) or The Daily Grind (their preferred watering hole). The College is also across the street from Colonial Williamsburg which attracts huge hoards of tourists especially in the summer months.

GETTING AROUND If you are coming by plane, you will most likely land in Washington Dulles International (IAD) which is about a 3 hour drive if you don’t hit traffic on I-95 or Richmond International Airport which is an hour drive on Route 295 and Route 64. There are two smaller airports Newport News and Norfolk International. Both mostly cater to domestic flights and will be more expensive to fly into. Once you are in Williamsburg, you can get around either by car or by foot. There are advantages to both. If you prefer to drive, you have the freedom to venture away from the touristic center of Colonial Williamsburg (CW) and visit neighboring attractions of the Historic Triangle (Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg), go visit a winery, or take a day trip to Jamestown or Virginia Beach. I should warn you that parking in Williamsburg is a nightmare. DO NOT ever park on WM premise without a pass ($5/day) or God forbid, park in spots reserved for “Faculty and Staff”. I will write another post just for parking.

More to come: dining, accommodation, attractions, and more!


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