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Cinque Terre, Italy


Vernazza, Italy is a home away from home fore me because of my research there. On October 25, 2011, torrential flood caused unprecedented landslides along the coast of the Cinque Terre and buried this picturesque town under three meters of mud and debris. This photo was taken in July of 2012 as I hiked along the trail of the Parco Nationale Delle Cinque Terre. The seaside facade is wiped of all signs of the disaster but the village itself needs a major infrastructural overhaul and the agricultural landscape still bares the scars of these landslides. I will be writing future posts on the history of “heroic agriculture” in the Cinque Terre, the wine making tradition then and now, and how you can help by traveling slowly and savoring the region.


2 thoughts on “Cinque Terre, Italy

    • Hi Traci! I’m so glad that you are planning a trip there! The best time to go, if you can, would be either in July for the festival of Santa Margarita, the patron saint of Vernazza or in September for the annual grape harvest, Vendemmia. Cinque Terre produce a very special dessert wine called the Sciacchetra and other white wines. It is the terraced vineyards that line the cliffs of the CInque Terre that awarded this destination as a UNESCO heritage site. A good resource to start planning your trip would be Rick Steves who has written about it extensively and to see the latest updates. also offers wonderful tours and the owner Catherina is very passionate about sustainable tourism. If you have any questions, I would be happy to help!

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